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All too often Catholics are persuaded to leave the Church with false claims concerning her teachings. Detractors will claim that many Catholic doctrines are unbiblical and not a part of the original faith handed down from the Apostles. features essays and articles that refute such contentions by presenting the patristic and biblical evidence for Catholicism. You may want to bookmark the site and use it as a mini apologetics library.

A "Doctrinal Concordance of the Bible" is also available. It demonstrates the biblical case for Catholicism in short form. There are two versions - a longer version in the articles section, and a one-page version that appears on the "Book and Gift Store" page. The shorter version makes a great handout or pocket reference. Both versions are free.

A section on the Early Church Fathers is also included to demonstrate that the teachings of the early Church and the teachings of the Catholic Church are one and the same. This of course is quite logical as the early Church was the Catholic Church.

Most of the articles and essays include links to sources for further study. Proceeds from the sale of books and CDs are used to help pay the cost of advertising Most of the resources offered are sold through online stores which are administered by the Catholic Company and Ignatius Press. If you make a subsequent visit to one of these stores, I would be grateful if you would do so through this site so that we can be properly credited.

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